The Best Women's Blouse for Work


There are many days women stress about what to wear to work because we want to look and feel our best. Finding the perfect outfit that offers comfort and style can be frustrating.  Button down blouses are often a first choice since they offer a very classic look and are the center piece of a woman's wardrobe for their changeability. Button down shirts offer different cuts, patterns, colors and fabrics. Pinstripes and paisley prints play well, especially for women in the working class.

Sometimes it’s difficult to make a choice when it comes to choosing women’s button-down shirts because there is such a large variety. Here is a list of the best blouses that you cannot afford to miss out in your wardrobe:

Long sleeve blouse

It is suitable for women in formal and business classes. Most women commonly wear these chic long sleeve blouses because their style caters for all body types. It has an extended collar and buttons are attached to the front. It is suitable for ladies who do not feel comfortable with showing any cleavage or skin. The long sleeve blouse can be accompanied with office pants, a skirt or a blazer. Add a simple accessory to complete the look.

¾ Sleeve blouse

They are perfect for weekdays and especially for working women. This style is also comfortable and flattering on women. It covers up to the elbow to accommodate those who may not be satisfied with wearing the long-sleeved blouses. The ¾ sleeve blouse is best worn with pants to give it a modest look.

Sleeveless blouse

These are ideal blouses for the summer season because of warm temperatures. The sleeveless blouses are one of the best for women who need a professional look. You can either choose the ruched body sleeveless blouse or the straight body sleeveless blouse. Endeavour to have as many as you can during the summer. Keep it as simple as you can by wearing it with pants or a pencil skirt.

Certain blouses may make you feel uneasy at your workplace and around your co-workers which could either be caused by the boob gap, or “button-gap.” Because of this type of gap, many women can be forced to attach tape or pin to hold the fabric together.

No need to feel uncomfortable while at work, it's high time we got rid of wearing such unpleasing shirts. It is time for you to look stunning at your workplace with only the best and most affordable blouses.

Why Tukked shirts?

With very many brands and types of shirts around, it might be extremely hard to choose the right fit and quality for you. With Tukked Shirts, you are assured of stylish quality which will build confidence in your outfit. Tukked shirts are highly recommended because of the following;

  • The fabric content contains 65% of cotton, 32% of Nylon and 5 % of Polyurethane. The fabric is washable, and the material is stretchy, soft and breathable to enable women of different sizes to fit in the blouse with zero struggle.
  • Tukked shirts give you a professional look. Whoever takes a glance at you will treat you with respect given your professional dress code. It's time for you to bring style to all whole level of confidence by adding flavor to your professional look.
  • The knitting at the front of all the shirts eliminates the gap from the chest to the hem. With a Tukked shirt, you feel confident all day because it gives you your desired comfort. You will have no trouble in trying to adjust your shirt while at work because it will fit you perfectly and with no boob gap or “button-gap.
  • They come in three different types of sleeves from which you can purchase. You can choose from the different sleeve types and get your beautiful office look. The fashion designers make three types of blouses to enable you to select the kind of design you would be comfortable wearing.
  • All the top three buttons for the Tukked shirts function well to enable you to open and close. You will not have trouble trying to close up or unlock the buttons on the blouse because it is quite easy, and you will not find any difficulty at all.
  • They also include different sizes from XXS- 3x and come in a variety of colors. Women differ in both taste and tones; hence; catering a variety of client taste and preferences.
  • The Tukked shirts have three top functioning buttons that allow you to choose your style freely and to reassure you of no boob gap while at work. The shirt slides gently over your head, and you can zip with ease down to the back with the help of a hidden zipper

There is no need to worry about fussing with your shirt to gain the confidence you need with Tukked shirts. Feel comfortable, stylish and happy with your outfit at while at work. Find freedom in your clothing and stay confident about yourself. Create yourself a new professional look and enjoy the comfort of your work outfit in the simplest but most elegant way.