The Ultimate Blouse

The Ultimate Guide to Blouses

There are so many options when it comes to choosing clothing to create your wardrobe. Shopping is made so easy now that you can purchase online as well as in-store. So when you are looking for shirts, blouses, pants, Denim etc. styles are literally at your fingertips. Women spend approximately 146 hours annually shopping for all types of clothing, shoes and accessories, that’s why it’s important to find wardrobe essentials that will last a lifetime. Blouses are one of the most essential items to have in your wardrobe as they offer a classy and timeless look. A blouse can work in your favor most days of the week because you can match it with jeans, skirts or slacks. There are different types of blouse designs that range from short sleeves, long sleeves, ¾ sleeves and sleeveless blouses. In this blog post you can learn about different shirt designs which will help you decide which shirt will fit best within your wardrobe!

Long-Sleeved blouses. Classic and Ruched

You can never go wrong with the long-sleeve blouse. This style of blouse offers full coverage of the arm and runs down to the wrist. Long sleeves are a great choice during the Fall and Winter seasons since it is the warmest option. Since the sleeves are long, you don’t have to heavy up on accessories that you would normally wear on your wrist.

If this is your style, then look no further than TUKKED long-sleeved shirts! There is no need to worry about the gap between buttons at the chest area any longer. The specialty patent-pending design keeps you covered up. TUKKED blouses easily slip over your head with a hidden zipper down the back. TUKKED Shirts offer a comfortable material that allows for movement. The long-sleeved shirt is available in blue, ice pink, white and pink.  The Ruched long sleeve shirt is offered in pink and rose colors. Sizes offered for their long sleeve shirts run from XX-Small to 3X Large. You can machine wash cold on a gentle cycle, hang dry or low heat dryer, iron or steam as needed. The shirts are imported and contain sixty-five percent cotton, thirty-two percent nylon and five percent polyurethane. They’re AMAZING!

Sleeveless Blouses. Classic and Ruched

Looking chic does not take much effort with button down shirts. TUKKED sleeveless blouses offer a simple and classic look. The sleeveless shirt option is best worn in warmer climates. Here are some helpful tips on how to pair and style your shirt:

  • Pair a sleeveless blouse with blue jeans, skirts, slacks, or jeans. Wide leg pants are also a great option to wear with your sleeveless button-down blouse. Adding accessories such as a belt and jewelry are great options to dress up your look. Choose a great pair of shoes to complete the look. If you love boots, a black ankle boot will do miracles to compliment a special look. For a more relaxed style, you can always choose a ballerina flat shoe.

Are you wondering what to wear with your skinny jeans? TUKKED short sleeve shirts are the answer. All TUKKED tops provide women with the most incredibly stylish and fashion-forward look and no need for the bust line button-gap check, we have you covered.

TUKKED offers the classic short-sleeved blouse in White, Rose, Navy Check, French stripe, Sand Stripe and Blue. The on-trend, Ruched style offers colors and patterns in white, blue, rose, French stripe, and navy checkers. Shirt sizes run from XX-Small to 3X Large. All women’s blouses can be machine washed with cold water on a gentle cycle. The fabric is sixty-five percent cotton and thirty-two percent Nylon and five percent Polyurethane. Hang dry or dry on low heat, and iron or steam if needed. Choose your sleeveless TUKKED Shirt which offers multiple styles and colors. Your short-sleeved shirt will bring life and tasteful design to your wardrobe.

¾ Sleeve Blouse. Classic and Ruched

If you want a break from the discomfort of having to roll up your sleeves, all the time, Tukked faux ¾ sleeves are ideal for any day and any season. The comfort levels are off the charts! The design allows you to breathe and move freely, unlike other shirt brands because the fabric is so soft and stretchy. Our “no-gap” button down blouse will enable you to wear your shirt comfortably.

Just like the previous styles, this button front shirt is sewn shut to eliminate gaps permanently from chest to hem. This is a key differentiator in the design, compared to other blouses on the market. The top three buttons function so you can choose to wear them either open or closed and there is a hidden zipper down the back to enable you to dress with ease.

The Classic ¾ sleeved shirt is available in white and sand colors, and the Ruched ¾ sleeved shirt is offered in blue, white and pink colors. Sizes run from XX-Small to 3X Large. Just like the other shirts, you can care for your product by machine washing cold on a gentle cycle. The fabric is also sixty-five per cent cotton and thirty-two per cent Nylon and five per cent Polyurethane.

TUKKED Shirts will help you make the most of your wardrobe with the essential button down blouse. Their shirts solve the ‘boob-gap’ issue permanently. You now have the freedom to wear a button-front blouse without having to worry about exposure around the bust area. You don't have to choose between a blouse fitting your bust or your waist since it provides both at the same time. Say goodbye to the ‘boob-gap’ forever with Tukked Shirts!