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Born into the fashion industry, Cortese has been in the trenches since she could walk. Cortese worked side by side with her mother, absorbing decades-worth of industry knowledge. "My mother taught me everything I know about this industry, working my entire life by her side absorbing a wealth of knowledge you cannot learn in fashion school."

All TUKKED Shirts are patent pending designs. The front placket of buttons is sewn shut to permanently eliminate the gap that happens at the breast-line for most women. The top three "functioning" buttons allow for the consumer's personal style choices. The blouse easily slips over the head and zips with ease down the back with a hidden zipper. This stretch cotton blouse offers two body types, the classic straight body and a "rouched" style that is very flattering at the waist. There are three sleeve options; long sleeve, ¾ sleeve and sleeveless. "The hidden zipper in back starts at a women's bra line, which makes putting on a shirt a breeze," she added. "Most women can reach around their backs to where their bra connects."

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